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Sacred EXchange

An Ancient Paradigm for Living in Modern Times

The Sacred EXchange

The Sacred EXchange specialises in shamanic education and ceremonial offerings, particularly focusing on sex, death, and all that pertains to the circle of life. Our aim in focusing on such "taboo" subject matter is to demystify what is unconscious, bring to light what has been known for centuries as "the occult," and empower the rapid transformation that is occurring on the Planet (known as New Earth). Our specialties include offering tools for empowerment, personal growth, and manifestation through experiential courses and master classes.

Our Offerings

The Divine Initiation 

The flagship experience of The Sacred EXchange; The Divine Initiation is a guided six month excursion to your greatest self. The work is deep and transformative, exploring your psyche through the lens of your creative powerhouse: your sexuality. Make no mistake, this is not for the faint of heart and it is the key to manifesting your best life in real time.

The Divine Initiation