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5 Element Theory: Wood

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

One of the basics of altar building is an inviting the elements onto your altar and into your space. By doing so, you acknowledge the elements and the role they play in Great Nature, as well as how they show up for each of us on the physical plane. Depending on the intention of your ceremony or altar, you may choose to highlight particular elements, as the elements can activate your space and the energetic frequency you are working with.

Creating a sense of balance in the altar is very important; however, in referencing “balance,” this does not always mean that there will be an equal “amount” of each element. Some intentions and frequencies may require you to highlight certain elements, making them the stars of the show, while you may choose to minimise the presence or position of particular elements in certain cases where you feel their presence is disrupting the balance of your altar in a holistic sense. As we previously delved into the 4 classical elements (plus Aether) and 5 Element Theory over the past few blog posts, it only felt right to expand on the Wood element a bit further (don’t worry - we will also be expanding on Metal in a couple of weeks, too!). Particularly, we’ll explore how the element of Wood might show up (or influence) your altar and ritual space and how to deepen your connection to 5 Element Theory.

Qualities of Wood

As we touched upon in our previous 5 Element Theory post, the Wood element can be seen more as a process, or phase, rather than a classic element as most of us are accustomed to. Keeping this in mind, the Wood element can still be a huge part of creating an intentional space or used within ceremony.

Traditionally, the Chinese view Wood as the very start of the 5 Element cycle. I’ve used this example before, but I’ll use it again: The image that comes to mind which perfectly captures the “Wood energy” is the image of a seedling expanding into its first stem, needing enough power, force, and inspiration to spring up from the earth’s soil into Being.

With Wood energy, there is a real push to begin, a drive grow, an instinct to move forward, a willingness to be birthed into existence to be seen. It is an inspiring energy that asks us to learn, be students of life, and frankly, just make shit happen. Wood energy can have a flavour of social justice or revolution to it (for this reason, a Goddess from the Hindu pantheon that comes to mind is Durga, who is the Goddess of Strength, Protection + Empowerment).

Common Wood qualities & metaphors:

  • Wood is the period of early childhood, in terms of the life cycle

  • Strong, organised, and structured

  • Focused and define

  • The cardinal direction of Wood is East

  • The Cosmic Father is Wood (whereas the Cosmic Mother is Water, according to 5 Element Theory)

  • In terms of the 5 Element cycle, Wood dulls Metal, can either stabilise the Earth element or deplete Earth’s nutrients (in the soil) through over-cultivation and can also deplete Water

  • Wood energy is good to be used for new beginnings, heightening your willpower, social justice causes, or problem solving

  • Wood is the archetype of Spring and is wonderful, therefore, to invoke on the Spring Equinox. It is also the Archetype of the Warrior, Pioneer, Inventor, or Entrepreneur.

Inspiring Your Space, Rituals + Process with ‘Wood’ Energy

I want to bring in a different flavour when it comes to connecting with the Wood energy inside of you, whether it is balanced or feels dampened. After all, we are all composed of each of the elements and it is valuable to know what we have an affinity for, what we have learned to cultivate, and if there is any element or energy that we tend to glaze over.

To see how you connect with Wood, you may ask yourself: Where is my willpower high (and where is my will less focused)? What is my relationship to starting a process (or pretty much anything)? Are you great at starting things, completing things, or sustaining things (all three, some, or none)? What inspires you, and how do you source inspiration and utilise inspiration for the sake of growth, learning, and sustenance, either in life, in a project, or with your self-care/health?

If you ever are feeling “low” on Wood energy, the Chinese would suggest to connect with the Feng Shui of your home/room/space. A little hint: the cardinal direction of Wood is East. According to Lo Shu’s Magic Square, this direction corresponds to Room 3, “The Kitchen” (note that the link to the image is the Katonah Yoga Magic Square, which has been flipped from the traditional Magic Square). Normally, we create food to feed and nourish ourselves in the kitchen, so you may choose to look at a couple of things: what/how/when you are feeding yourself (in terms of food but also in terms of your environment, relationships, information, etc.), as well as the organisation of your kitchen (i.e. is it cluttered? is it an inviting space to be in? do you love/hate going into the kitchen? do you only get takeaway meals?).

In terms of rituals, you may choose to invoke the Wood energy specifically during Spring (on the Spring Equinox would be especially potent), and using pieces of wood (i.e. the bark of a tree, a branch, a sacred smudge, ashes) can further connect your ceremonial space to Wood. Remember: Be creative! Allow yourself to reflect on the Wood qualities mentioned and see if there are any objects that resonate with you to inspire your space and ceremonies.

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