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Why S E X Matters.

Here at the Sacred EXchange, we are a part of the Holistic Lifestyle company: The Maze. We are advocates of holistic sex, sex that leaves you confident, empowered and nurtured. Through our work, or the work of others; you may already be familiar with how sex relates to your spiritual, mental and emotional health. Now let’s look at how sex impacts your physical health as well.

Whether you're in a partnership or flying solo at the moment, we all can enhance our sexual energy for maximum vitality.

Chinese medicine tells us that balanced sexual + creative energy (yes, they are the same!) enhances our Jing, which is our life essence. Our Jing is essentially stored in our kidneys by way of Eastern wisdom. By keeping our kidneys healthy and Jing flourishing, through herbs as well as tapping into our sexuality, we ooze with vitality from head-to-toe.

Jing and other organ systems are responsible for awakening our inner fire. Not only will our offerings enhance your Jing and keep your sexual energy strong, as they work internally, they may also help to fortify your immune system, release stress and support your energy levels as you move through the world.

Improper regulation of our sexual energy depletes our Jing which can also in turn cause weakness in our kidneys. It is essential to keep our kidneys happy and nourished as they are the root of life. Strong sexual energy is needed for a juicier life and we have plenty of offerings and products that not only act as an aphrodisiac to awaken the senses but also help to nourish our kidneys, including our flagship immersive experience: The Journey.

The Journey is an annual experience that unfolds over seven months and is designed to work directly with your nervous system, leaving you with Self-Mastery, and the ability to manifest your will through your orgasmic power. To find out more about this years experience, details are available here.

The past two years of the pandemic have seen so many people put their sex to the side too overwhelmed by what’s happening around them to ‘feel sexy’ and place a narrow focus on their health. Your sexual energy is an indicator of your overall health. For more vibrant health, consider that including sex as a part of your health and wellness will bring balance and a sense of being grounded to your life.

In Peace and Power


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P.S. For those of you thorough readers, I mentioned herbs earlier that can be found in supportive tea blends here

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